Testimonials from residents of Big Valley Woods RV Park

Big Valley Woods Residents Say the Nicest Things...

"B.V.W. is a fantastic place to live! If you are looking for a quiet place to live away from the hustle & bustle then this should be your new  home. It's an amazing park like setting with lots of wildlife. There are lots of awesome people who live here, so friendly and helpful. The people who run it Patty, Holly & Vic are always willing to listen. They work very hard to keep the park so nice and clean. We love living here and highly recommend it!!"
Robert L

"My husband I are just about to celebrate our three year anniversary of moving here. We love the peaceful and incredibly beautiful surroundings and are so grateful to the management and crew for all their hard work. They go above and beyond making this our all time favorite place to live."
Linda S

"We have lived in Boring for 25 years and have always admired Big Valley Woods, hoping to retire and find a place where we feel safe and secure we finally made retirement and found a lovely home here in Big Valley Woods, Patty and Vic managers along with the staff are fantastic and the rules of the park help us feel secure and safe. Along with the beautiful surroundings and wildlife we will live our golden years in our dream."
Ken S

"Community here is friendly, respectful and in a beautiful setting. The policies and procedures keeps our park safe, clean, fun. A home haven if ever there was one."
Terri L

"Such a peaceful place to live. I have been here 5 1/2 years and am so glad I made the choice to leave Portland, The park is very well kept and expectations are consistent throughout the park. Before you move in, you are made very clear on your part of the upkeep, etc."
Shelly W